Pepper Tones: Aguilar DB 750 by Dan Molgaard


There are some individuals in the bass guitar world — let’s call them “purists” — who think that bass strings shouldn’t ever be changed, that a bassist shouldn’t ever use effects, and that bass tone shouldn’t be compressed. I am not one of these purists and I definitely love using effects, compression, and new strings. But we can agree on one thing at least: The need for a great bass amplifier.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been using the Aguilar DB 750 amplifier for all of my performances with The Ghost Peppers. Whether I’m playing competitions at local venues, or rocking out in a stadium alongside Godsmack and Rob Zombie, I need to move massive air and I need some serious power to do so. The DB 750 doesn’t disappoint.

The DB 750 is a hybrid of sorts, having both a solid-state poweramp and an all-tube preamp, giving it a whopping 750W of power at 4 ohms. It has your typical 3-band EQ with control over treble, mid, and bass frequencies, plus boost switches for treble and bass. Topping off the features is the ability to run both active and passive basses through small tweaks in circuitry, a host of speaker outputs, and a quality DI with balanced output. Whether it’s in the studio or on the road, the DB 750 really shines.

Josh and I were in the studio last week working on “Circles” and “Take Your Time”, and the DB 750’s nuanced tone really cuts through the mix. The amp was plugged directly into the interface, but we also had bass mics on the cabinet to pick up some of the “roominess” from the woofer and tweeter. It’s really interesting being able to listen to those tracks separately and picking out the various idiosyncrasies of the tone, but it’s even more satisfying to hear the tremendous sound from all of the tracks combined.

No matter what you’re listening to, do yourself a favor and always listen for the bass part. Behind the great tone is usually a great amp, and I know I’ll be using the Aguilar DB 750 for many years to come.

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  1. So true. As a guitar player I really appreciate good amps and effects with my instruments they make all the difference!

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